Dye Fabric

  • Dye Fabric

    Washing Machine Method

    1. Fill machine with hot water. Use enough for your cloth to move freely.
    2. Add dye in proportions indicated on the package.
    3. Wet fabric in hot water.
    4. Smooth out the wrinkles and place it in the dye bath.
    5. Set your washing machine for it’s longest wash cycle. Fabric should be in dye bath for at least half an hour before rinse begins. You can reset the machine before it gets to the rinse cycle if necessary.
    6. Rinse the dye away with cold water until water runs clear. Wash darker colors in warm water and rinse thoroughly in cool water.
    7. Dry the pants either in the dryer or on the clothes line.
    8. Clean the residual dye out of your machine using the highest water level, hot water, and a cup or so of bleach.
    9. Clean out the lint traps.